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I'm Malaeja White, a mom of 3. I learned how to manage my hectic life in my early 20s when I began my 9-5 and became a mom. To show and provide the same techniques I started Simple Clarity Co.

Mission: Organize, Sip, Sigh... Repeat

Simple Clarity Co. currently provides organization and relaxation products through stationery, planners, budget counseling, and candles. Stay tuned there is MORE TO COME! Our online store was made as a reminder, that the simplest things in life bring the most clarity. Take a moment to plan or write out goals and creative ideas. De-clutter that work space to de-clutter your mind. Light a candle and create a nostalgic memory. Remember that even a sip of a refreshing or calming beverage is a great way to start or end your day. Overall, step away from the digital world for a moment, organize your life, and indulge in the clarity. 

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