You are more than the stereotype that the world puts on you. The theme of this collection is to remind you to black out the definition of what a gender should do, say, wear, etc. Like copper, the world can determine your value to be as little as a penny or as essential as copper conductors. Don't let your value be determined by others. Changing your mindset and focusing on day to day activites will make a huge impact on your lifestyle and your precived value of yourself. 


The Daily Mindset Journal will keep you on task. You will focus on adequate sleep, daily activities, priorites, goals, and much more.

The candle and shower steamer will fill the room and shower with a smooth and comforting aroma.

As a special added bonus, the vegan leather pen holder in black is included to keep your writing utentsil close by at any time.

Daily Mindset Collection

  • Focus on your Mindset! Dedicate two months to daily routine and reflection. This Journal leaves no one out! 

        Benefits and Tips
        Section Guide
        Perpetual Calendar
        Monthly Morning Routine
        Daily Journal Entry
            Sleep and Mood Tracker
            Daily Goals
            Priority To Do List
            Distractions and productivity reflection
            Daily Positives
            Brain Dump

        120gsm premium paper
        Medium weight hard cover