Self Clarity: Stage 2 "attraction"

We all have heard of “The Law of Attraction” right? If not, it’s simply the ability to attract whatever you want in your life by focusing on that particular interest.

All types fo people are around you. You pick who walks up to you.

In this blog post, we will not cover this topic, but instead use it as a guide to adjust what and who we attract. There are many factors and experiences that mold us into who we are, whether a good or bad trait. What we fail to realize it that we are attract what we want and dismiss what we want by just focusing. YES YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL! When your internal spirit or mindset is focused on misery, you will only receive misery, uncertainty, and pessimistic outcomes. It is literally the cliché statement “misery loves company.” No one is saying it because it’s a cool meme, IT’S THE TRUTH! Anyone that is what they deem successful in their current state of mind and lifestyle will tell you that they surrounded themselves with like-minded people. They focus on a certain aspect of interest and attract those with the same mindset and ambition.

Remember some people are in your life for a LIFETIME and some are just there for a SEASON. You can’t try to change another person to fit them into your lifetime group. They are a lifetime for someone else’s life and only a season of learning for you. You shouldn’t take away someone else’s lifetime to extend your season. Right? Right! So here you are thinking about whose bringing value to your true inner happiness. It is time to decide who and what is in your life that needs removed. In step one; you reminded yourself of the basic positive aspects and flaws of your character. Let’s start with the positive aspects and the people and habits that do not coincide with you.

 This next step is uncomfortable for most. Here you have to evaluate which people you need to release from your life. It’s going to take a lot of strength and dedication to complete this stage. BUT there is a way to make it easier.  Let individuals currently involved in your life make the decision on if they want to stay. I would encourage you to be vulnerable enough to voice that you are moving forward in your new or reclaimed direction and would love for them to be involved in your life. I warn you, do not let them think this vulnerability is weakness. Ensure it's known that you want to keep an honest open relationship. Individuals who truly care and respect your process of growth, will remain firm in your life. Taking this route does come with a price. Unfortunately, you may be shocked or even hurt at those that choose to not move on with the “new”, in their eyes, you. It honestly sucks, when you let people make the decision. Don’t let their lack of interest in you bring you down. Remember they're SEASON people. Learn from this interaction!

Stage 2: “What do I attract?”

So where do you start? Which aspect of you do you focus on in order to determine who and what should be removed from your life at this stage?

1.        Let us begin with your positive attributes. Focus on surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Join a social media group; go to an event where you can run into those types of individuals; read a book that motivates you, etc. Whatever you can find to support those attributes, DO IT! Focus on this task for 2 weeks and then make a list of all the people in your life who do not attribute to this purpose.  

2.        Now time to focus on those flaws you acknowledged in step one. Focus on fixing one flaw at a time. This is to redirect your habits that aren’t feeding to the rediscovery of yourself. Make a list of the bad habits that support these flaws. Then, make a point to focus on removing that habit. This will probably take anywhere from 21-30 days. NOT LONG AT ALL! It’s not a race but a journey.

What makes this growth even better is logging everything which can be down in a Simple Clarity Co. journal! Here

Stage two does take more time than stage one, because we use a deeper energy to take action. Keep in mind that you are human. You may fall back into old habits or in with the wrong crowd. BUT go back through the steps in stage one and two and get yourself back on track. Clarity of the mind isn't a final goal, but rather a constant journey of life. It will change or come with new challenges, YOU’VE GOT THIS! Find those like-minded people and it will be easier to get back on track and stay on track.

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