Self Clarity: Step 1 " Hi I'm..."

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Stages to Self-Clarity

You have to start from day one at the playground. Whether you were shy as a snail or a social butterfly. At some point in time we all had to introduce ourselves and what we enjoyed doing. It may be a shocker to most, but our interests were a part of our innate personality. Social media and societal norms did not exist to us in our childhood days. What we enjoyed was not defined by the obligations set by society to live a stable day-to-day life.

It’s a fact; everyone loses themselves in their lifetime. Some lose themselves multiple times, guilty! The best part of going through this process of self-clarity isn’t that you’ll be set for life, but rather now you are aware of when you’re going back into chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. Then, voila! You've change that negative direction when it begins and all on your own. The instant gratification of being back on YOUR PATH, staying in YOUR LANE, living in YOUR TRUTH is the first step to self-clarity. Feeling motivated to start step 1 in this process? If not, take a deep breath and get ready. Okay, let us begin...

Stage 1: “Hi I’m...”

INTRODUCE YOURSELF! It may seem silly, but this is you doing this for yourself, by yourself. NO JUDGEMENT ZONE! How can you expect to find clarity within yourself, if you’re too afraid to open up? That question is rhetorical, because you can’t! So, let go and be free. This stage can be done verbally or written. (We have a journal for that)

The only rule is to be 100% truthful.

Hi I’m ___________________________________

I’m ________ years old.

These are 5 important traits I love about myself.











I portray each trait to the outside world, at minimum, (circle one) daily / weekly / causally / no clue

  • No Clue= Make an effort to realize when you have presented each trait

  • Casually= Shoot for once or twice a week

  • Weekly= Make it daily

  • Daily= Incorporate each trait in everyday when the opportunity is presented

I’m aware that I am flawed, because being perfect isn’t possible. My biggest flaws, which I will adjust, are:


How can you better yourself?


How can you better yourself?

Listen, this stage is super simple. If you really have to think about it, this should take 10 minutes to a full day to truly realize where you flourish and where you’re flawed. Giving “cookie cutter” basic answers is not going to work in this process. If there are traits about you that people may see as problematic, you need to attack the positive side of that trait. For example, one of mine is that I don’t “bite my tongue.” I’ve learned that if a strong/ assertive/ corrective opinion is going to make its debut, I NEED to make sure it comes out respectful and with constructive criticism attached.

Not all of our personal traits will be accepted by others, but if you hold yourself correct, it will be respected.

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